Getting a big box retailer to show interest in your product can be a makeup or break opportunity for a business and there are as many ways to blow it as there are products competing for the space.

Over six decades of managing big box retail campaigns, we have helped a lot of brand managers get their products into places like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Home Depot, and Lowe’s for the first time, navigating a process that can be treacherous for newcomers.

Every once in a while, however, it’s the big box retailer that makes the first move. It’s an enviable – and terrifying – position to be in for a small business.

When the founder of a small but popular online makeup brand got the call from Costco Spain, she knew it was it an opportunity she could not afford to fumble, so she reached out to the TPH Global team for help.

The Right Foundation for Big Box Success

Knowing retailer specifications is the foundation of any successful big box campaign. You can’t gloss over the details: production, packaging and display, logistics and transportation – all have to meet rigorous specifications and deadlines.

We worked with the owner to create blister trap packaging in a clamshell outer wrap that met Costco requirements for style and sizing. We did vibration testing to ensure that the product would not shift around inside the packaging in transit. We also helped our client with the Costco math: sometimes it is better to put fewer items on a pallet, even if costs a little more, to ensure faster sell-through – a metric that is key to winning additional opportunities with Costco.

The client agreed, and we designed the pallets to hold 396 units instead of 540. It added about 75 cents to the cost of each package, but the result was more attractive sell-through for the client’s high-end beauty product. Even better – our client now has an opportunity to move her product into Costco in Iceland.

Make Up for What You Lack in Big Box Experience by Taking Advantage of Ours

That’s the beauty of working with a partner with a long history of experience with the retailer you’re targeting. Whether you’ve got an established brand you want to sell through warehouse clubs or you’re looking to move from online sales to the big box retail floor, you’ve got to plan your campaign meticulously. We can help.

At TPH Global, we have been making our clients look good for nearly six decades, with retail campaigns for cosmetics and a wide array of other consumer products.

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