Big Lots Corrugated Display Standards

Big Lots Corrugate Display Standards

TPH Global builds and ships retail displays for Big Lots and other major retailers for brand managers of national brands and ownership/executive management of emerging brands.

Big Lots expects vendors to conform to their corrugated display standards or risk being charged back. These standards cover:

TPH’s project teams are fully trained in Big Lots display corrugated display requirements. We know the questions to ask and you can count on us to deliver your products on time without damage or issues.

There are only two types of displays at Big Lots:

  1. Branded: either Big Lots captive label or any brand that does not require the use of their PDQ or display – the majority of Big Lots PDQs and displays fall into this category; these PDQs will just have the retail price while sidekicks and floor/pallet displays will have the item description and retail price (no vendor art is accepted)
    Displays (Side Kicks & Floor Displays): will contain Brand Logo, Item Description & Retail
  2. National Brands: Big Lots will accept pre-produced PDQs and displays for highly recognized national brands that require the use of their display for display purposes

There are many additional details specific to the variety of goods sold at Big Lots. We will provide you with the designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive Big Lots buyer approval for the following:

  • General packaging standards
  • Transportation: including inbound display load and packaging requirements
  • Merchandising guidelines: including in-store layouts
  • Display guidelines: including PDQs (stackable and non), sidekicks and floor/pallet displays (including GMA pallet requirements)

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