Kohl’s Product Display Guidelines

Kohl's Product Display Guidelines

TPH Global builds and ships retail product displays for Kohl’s and other big box stores for brand managers of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs). With the help of the TPH team, clients can navigate campaigns, land deals, and maintain lasting partnerships with national retailers.

Kohl’s outlines clear requirements for vendor supplied cardboard display units (CDUs). Prior to approval, all CDUs must be submitted for merchandise and visual presentation review.

General Kohl’s Display Requirements

Kohl’s has specific requirements for temporary cardboard display units, including:

  • Branding and Marketing Visuals
  • Type of Flat- and Pre-Packed Pallets
  • Dimensions Restrictions
  • Servicing Information Labels
  • Type of Corrugate Packing
  • No Raw Edges
  • Department-Specific Requirements

All CDUs must be free standing in-aisle or in-department, and each display is limited to 4 weeks or less on the floor. TPH can assist you with navigating the requirements for temporary and floor displays at Kohl’s, helping to pitch your campaign for successful review.

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