Publix Product Display Guidelines

Publix Product Display Guidelines

TPH Global builds and ships retail product displays for Publix and other grocery chains for brand managers of food producers and other consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs).

Display Overview

Publix feels that merchandising product off the normal shelf location helps bring attention to items that customers might not have otherwise seen. Creative and colorful displays capture customers attention and entice additional purchases. When shelf space is limited, these displays help ensure instock position on sale items.

Publix incremental product displays include shippers, free standing displays, standees, tables and pallets which can be located in various areas of the store including at the end of an aisle or in the lobby, speedway or pallet drop area. Each type of displays should follow specific guidelines.

General Publix Requirements

Incremental product displays for Publix should:

  • Come pre-built and stocked with product to reduce labor
  • Merchandise product facing forward, not sideways, in the display
  • Contain only one global trade item number (GTIN) within each facing (no hidden merchandise that could impact counting accuracy)
  • Be stable when placed on the sales floor
  • Support the weight of the product contents
  • Weigh 40 lbs. or less (unless intended to be moved by pallet jack)
  • Present product at least 6” above floor level (or on a pallet)
  • Have space to affix signage (or tags for multiple price points)
  • Contain a cardboard trim if shipped on a pallet smaller than 40″ x 48″

There are many additional details specific different types of products sold at Publix. We will provide you with the designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive the Publix buyer’s approval

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