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Retail POP and POS Display Success

Having a great product is not enough. To succeed with buyers at Costco and other warehouse clubs, Walmart and other big box stores, and other retailers, you need to exude confidence of your retail point-of-purchase/sale (POP/POS) display program to land the deal or test order. You bring the product knowledge and we’ll bring the rest to your retailer pitch:

  • Knowledge of mass merchandiser retail display requirements
  • Understanding how to make the economics work so both parties make money
  • Structural design and mock-ups
  • Graphic design (if needed)
  • Global supply chain and logistics expertise
  • Co-packing (if needed)
  • Anything else needed for a successful pitch

Our process:

  • We have an initial consultation together to understand your retail packaging and display goals
  • You send us a sample of your product
  • If you’re pitching to a new retailer or a new product to an existing retailer, we will develop a “sellable program,” provide retailer pitch support, and navigate all approvals, testing and other retailer requirements
  • If you’re having supply problems with an existing product, we will develop a plan to eliminate the noise
  • We manage your global supply chain to ensure cost-effective, quality and on-time delivery (or the parts you’re struggling with)
  • We help you capitalize on adjacent opportunities—new products with existing retailers and current/new products with new retailers—with repeatable success

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