Retail Point of Purchase (POP) Display & Packaging Assembly and Co-Packing

Our Assembly & Co-Packing Services help take the pain out of your supply chain.

POP Display Assembly

Point of Purchase Displays & Retail Packaging Assembly

Here’s where your retail point-of-purchase display design comes to life. As part of our complete menu of services, we will assemble your pallet, floor, temporary, and permanent displays to the exact standards of your organizations and the retailers you sell to, including Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, Kroger, Petco, and more. We ensure structural integrity, flawless and durable construction, and readying them for the discriminating eye of retailers and customers.

For example, if your display is interactive or includes lighting, we will take all metal, electronics (e.g. LCD screens) and plastic components and sub-assemblies that come from any number of your suppliers and assemble the whole display from scratch and prepare them for shipment.


We will take your finished products and pack them into your retail displays in China and throughout Asia as well as in the US. We excel at dealing with multiple suppliers and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

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