Aldi Display Ready Case (DRC) Guidelines

Aldi Display Ready Case (DRC) Guidelines

TPH Global builds and ships Aldi display ready cases (DRCs) for brand managers of food producers and other consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs).

General DRC Requirements

Aldi tray DRCs are used in situations where the products themselves are sturdy enough to allow for additional cases to be stacked on top of the other. Full DRCs or column support should be used if trays are unable to be stacked. Other requirements include:

  • The depth of Alid DRCs should not exceed 17″ with a goal of making the DRC one-facing (with discretion from the buyer for
    smaller items)
  • The front lip of DRC should not exceed 2″ or 25% of the primary display panel if more stability is needed
  • Product should be displayed in the upright position – if inserts are needed to hold product in place they must be glued or adhered and securely fixed to the DRC
  • The total DRC weight should not exceed 30 lbs. in the US
  • DRCs heavier than the required weight and approved by the buyer will require a team lift sticker

Additional DRC Requirements

There are many additional details specific different types of products sold at Aldi. We will provide you with the designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive the Aldi buyer’s approval

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