Hardware Retail POP & POS Displays

We have extensive experience with hardware display design and fulfillment to create a compelling retail presence that will ensure successful product sell-through while keeping down supply chain costs.

Hardware Retail Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

Our hardware displays include temporary displays (pallet and corrugated) and permanent displays (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) for the floor, on-shelf and on counters.

Lowe’s Display Example

We were tasked with developing and producing an island display system to arrange nine different styles of safety glasses. The display needed the flexibility to accommodate a full line of evolving eyewear products and had to updated once per quarter with new product and graphics. We were also challenged with the need to build the units so they were economical to ship and easy to set up in the stores.

Our solution used a variety of materials including wood, metal, and vacuum formed plastic, and even included “try on stations”so consumers could test out eyewear before buying them. These Safety Centers have been a huge success for Lowe’s. In fact, safety eyewear sales increased 93% in stores featuring the Safety Center.

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Retail Display Portfolio

Klein Tools Battery Testers Klein Tools Battery Testers

Temporary corrugated countertop display

John Deere Safety Zone John Deere Safety Zone

Permanent metal floor display

AOSafety Eyewear AOSafety Eyewear

Permanent metal floor display

AOSafety Eyewear AOSafety Eyewear

Permanent floor display

Wells Lamont Gardening Gloves Wells Lamont Gardening Gloves

Temporary pallet floor display

Ridgid Pipe & Tool Cutters Ridgid Pipe & Tool Cutters

Temporary corrugated floor display

Klein Tools Tool Bags Klein Tools Tool Bags

Temporary corrugated floor display