Learn how TPH Global Solutions® helped a global textile company repackage and redesign their display for successful selling at Costco.

When a family-owned textiles business needed help with the redesign of a pallet display for a Costco campaign, they reached out to TPH Global Solutions for help.

With material costs rising, the company was looking for partners who could help maximize efficiency and their ability to compete.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions for In-the-Box Products

The company required a redesigned pallet display that would occupy a smaller footprint in Costco while containing more product than their previous display.

With the help of the TPH Global team, the companies collaborated on an innovative packaging and floor display solution that adhered to Costco’s strict requirements and increased the per-pallet value.

The partnership was a retail success that the company’s manager said he hopes to repeat.

“We’re definitely planning to work with TPH Global Solutions more. It’s just a matter of time,” the company manager said.

As a packaging and supply chain partner with decades of experience in managing big box retail requirements, TPH Global Solutions provided the pallet design and strategy that left both the company and the retailer happy.

A Global Partner for Supply Chain Struggles

TPH Global Solutions offers retail campaign assistance, supply chain strategy, and packaging for clients across industries. Our goal is to make it easy for companies to get their products to retail and avoid the obstacles that retailer requirements and supply chain challenges can put in their path.

Our team has deep expertise in big box retail campaigns including Costco and Sam’s Club, helping clients avoid missteps that lead to missed deadlines, damaged product and unhappy retailers. To read the full story of how the partnership worked in this case, read our case study, or reach out today to speak with one of our team members.

Download the Costco Case Study