About TPH Custom Displays & Packaging

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TPH Global Solutions® makes it easy to get your products through the maze of retailer requirements and complex supply chain challenges, including missed deliveries, packaging errors, and shipping damage.

From pitch to profits, TPH Global Solutions delivers successful retail merchandising campaigns with point of purchase (POP) displays, custom packaging, sales kits, and hyper-responsive fulfillment – that enhance the shopping experience and meet the toughest demands of all major retailers, including Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Petco, and more.

If you’re an established brand needing to take the pain out of your supply chain, TPH ensures global, on-time and on-budget delivery so you can focus on making great products instead of dealing with headaches.

If you’re an emerging brand needing to convert new retail opportunities, TPH will help you land and pass the test order – we know all major retailer requirements and provides you with total cost visibility, so you will negotiate with confidence and fly through the toughest approval process.

With deep expertise in retailer requirements and global supply chain management, we deliver confidence for brand managers – since 1965.

Retailer Expertise

We help you navigate retailer guidelines to make sure your packaging and displays are up to par.

Industry Expertise

While we serve all industries, we have special expertise in the following:

Innovative Design

In addition to having an award-winning design team, we work with a wide variety of materials, special effects printing and other value-add innovations to make your retail displays and packaging really POP.

More than just design, we draw upon our experience with different display and packaging types, utilizing a wide variety of materials:

Retail POP Displays

  • Display Types: floor, pallet, counter/PDQ, on-shelf, and product glorifiers
  • Durability: permanent, semi-permanent, temporary
  • Material Types: plastic, wood, metal, wire

Retail Packaging

Experience the best of both worlds: with pre-packs and shippers created by TPH, we can co-pack your products directly into a retail display that also serves as a shipping carton. We can then drop ship them directly to each store location so they bypass your distribution system.

Global Resources

We will streamline your global packaging supply chain by working with your vendors, co-packing, drop-shopping, warehousing, and whatever else necessary to eliminate your logistics headaches. We have extensive experience working in China and throughout Asia.

We can even “dual-track” your project by producing initial quantities in the U.S. for your immediate needs, and then refilling the channel with overseas production.

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