Kroger Store Display Guidelines

Kroger Product Display Guidelines

TPH Global builds and ships retail product displays for Kroger and other grocery chains for brand managers of food producers and other consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs). With the help of the TPH team, clients are better equipped to navigate retailer requirements and build lasting partnerships.

For in-store displays, Kroger has strict requirements for the structural integrity of displays, as well as their function and sizing. Among other requirements, Kroger requires that half and quarter-sized pallets be delivered on a master block pallet built of sturdy wood.

General Kroger Requirements

TPH can ensure that your displays meet Kroger’s requirements for:

  • Side Panels for Fixtures
  • Dump Bins
  • Floor stands
  • Roller Base Units
  • Quarter, Half and Full Pallet Displays
  • Stack-Out Displays
  • Micro Towers

Additionally, TPH can assist with meeting in-bound shipping requirements for outer carton markings, units (including corner boards and banding stipulations), imported and domestic pallets, and more.

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Kroger Display Options

TPH Global offers extensive experience designing Kroger displays in the following configurations:

Large Full Floorstand

Small Floorstand

Micro Tower

Quarter Pallet Display with Header

Single Cell Dump Bin

Single Octagonal Cell Dump Bin