Walmart PDQ & Pallet Display Guidelines

TPH Global builds and ships thousands of PDQ and pallet displays for brand managers of Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (CPGs). Our clients sell footwear, apparel, socks, gloves, and packaged goods just to name a few.

Walmart merchandises pre-packed PDQ and Pallet Displays on in 1/4, 1/2 and full pallet configurations as well as on shelf PDQ “shippers.” They expect product to be retail ready with the least amount of extraneous material. In all cases, the vendor must use appropriate structural components for the pallet to survive the rigors of shipping and handling.

TPH’s project teams are fully trained in Walmart’s requirements and know the questions to ask so we can be sure to deliver your products on time without damage or issues.

There are many details specific to the variety of goods sold throughout Walmart – the most recent edition of the Walmart Secondary Packaging RRP Standards guide is over 250 pages long. We will provide you with the designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive the Walmart buyer’s approval for the following:

  • PDQ Stacked Trays
  • PDQ Display Trays
  • PDQ Sidekick Displays
  • PDQ End Cap Displays: including specific requirements for cosmetics, electronics
Walmart Retail POP & PDQ Display Requirements

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