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End Supply Chain Headaches

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“The most important needs in a packaging and display partner are responsiveness, communication, accountability and transparency. TPH Global is four for four.”

Visual Merchandiser of an Apparel Brand

"We don't know how we would have gotten all of our new products to market without TPH. They were easy to work with, extremely responsive and even helped us get approvals within our global bureaucracy! Thank you TPH!"

VP Product Development of an Electronics Brand

“When things happen, TPH Global is Johnny-on-the-Spot. When our Chinese factory opened a pallet, I saw that the trays had collapsed. I got on the phone with TPH before flying home. By the time I landed 20 hours later, TPH had a plan in place to fix the problem. Without TPH, we could have lost the program and quite possibly our customer.”

VP of a Footwear Brand

4 Problems that Can Sink Your Big-Box Pitch

Blog Feb 27, 2019

4 Problems that Can Sink Your Big-Box Pitch

Getting your brand into a warehouse retailer can take your business to the next level. But between your big-box dreams and a successful in-store display lies a labyrinth of requirements, detailed economic planning and critical partnerships. Navigating the process and troubleshooting the problems that keep many brand managers from...

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