Expertise and a well-developed process are essential when working with warehouse clubs.

When consumer products company FLTR had an opportunity to get its infrared thermometers onto the Costco floor in a period of high demand, step one was finding a partner with plenty of Costco experience and the ability to work under a tight deadline.

Quick results were needed. It was November 2021, the height of pandemic demand, and Costco wanted the product available on the retail floor.

Troubleshooting Supply Chain Disruption

The obstacles were daunting right from the start. Supply chain difficulties made it nearly impossible to source the plastic needed for the blister packaging Costco required for the warehouse floor and the timelines left no room for delay.

Luckily for Bellevue, Washington-based FLTR, the company’s search connected them to a reliable partner in TPH Global Solutions®. With our network of vendors and nimble processes, TPH was able to source the plastic and provide the labor and warehouse space needed to collect the product, unbox it, repackage it and get it on its way back to Costco warehouses across the country in about six weeks.

Spiking Demand Requires a High Degree of Agility for Thermometer Campaign

The pace of the project was necessary to meet spiking demand for the no-touch thermometers, but challenging Costco requirements still had to be met.

With decades of experience overseeing big-box retail campaigns, TPH was able to help FLTR overcome the project’s steep logistical and timing hurdles and get repackaged product out to Costco warehouses across the country quickly.

TPH Global Solutions coordinated logistics on multiple fronts including:

  • Packaging and pallet requirements
  • Production and fulfillment
  • Warehouse space
  • Trucking schedules

Case Study Highlights Details of Successful Transition

Download our case study to learn the full story of this successful transition from online to retail floor success.

At TPH Global Solutions, we have nearly six decades of experience as a global supplier of packaging, displays and retail campaign support. Our experience with warehouse club requirements and global supply chain management enables us to get the pieces in place on time, on spec and with results that leave brand managers and retail buyers happy.

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Download the Costco Case Study