Recorded Webinar: Maximize Retail Display Success at Walmart, Costco & Sam’s Club

In case you missed it, the first in our series of TPH Global Solutions® webinars is now available to download.

Watch as TPH President, CEO David Schmidt walks you through the best practices for successful retail packaging display programs at big box stores, specialty retailers, grocers and more.

You’ll learn how to manage many of the frequently overlooked – or undermanaged – details that can hurt sales and profits, impact timing, and create avoidable stress in your relationships with vendors and customers alike. This includes:

  • What you need to know before your first buyer meeting
  • How to ensure alignment with retailer value expectations for packaging, merchandising and more
  • Adherence with government and retailer material testing requirements
  • Verification of outsourcing locations for product components

Avoid Preproduction Mistakes That Impact the Sales & Profits of Your Retail Display Programs

Fill out the form below for a link you can use to access this webinar. And don’t forget to check back later for the next topics in our webinar series:

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You can also reach out to one of our retail display experts to learn more about how we work with brands to ensure streamlined retail display programs from packaging and display through logistics and transportation support and supply chain management.

Download our webinar and we will provide a Retail Program Profitability Assessment on your upcoming order for no charge! You can also learn more about TPH retail display and packaging capabilities here.

Download the Webinar

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