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Case Study: How an Unstable Grilling Product Display Found its Footing

September 22, 2023

Creating the perfect backyard grilling experience can take a little practice and some planning, but it’s supposed to be fun, not stressful. For Dobi & Associates President Glen Dobi, whose product line Cedar Craft includes the most important ingredient for making classic and delicious...

Case Study: European Hydration Brand Makes a Splash in the U.S. Grocery Market

June 9, 2023

When a European water products company sought to expand its popular hydration brand into the U.S. grocery market, a national sales manager overseeing the campaign realized they needed help to meet notoriously strict U.S. retailer requirements. waterdrop® produces small, dissolvable cubes that turn a...

Costco Repackaging Case Study: From E-Commerce to Pallet Displays

July 28, 2022

Expertise and a well-developed process are essential when working with warehouse clubs. When consumer products company FLTR had an opportunity to get its infrared thermometers onto the Costco floor in a period of high demand, step one was finding a partner with plenty of...