Flexible Packaging Solutions

Food producers who need flexible, innovative and well-designed packaging to promote their brand and impresses their customers – without a lot of unnecessary material – have relied on TPH Global® for packaging that delivers it all for over 50 years.

Our high-quality flexible packaging solutions for food and other products are designed to meet the requirements of Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, and many other grocery stores and retailers.

Four main elements of flexible packaging design ensure the durability, function and high-quality appearance of our work.

Solventless Laminating

High-quality lamination is crucial for providing a barrier for oxygen, moisture, flavor, and aroma in packaged food products.

Your products will be protected using a variety of custom films in both 2-ply and 3-ply structures, with materials that include polyethylene, polyester, nylon, and more – without solvents, and adhering to strict controls for safety and effectiveness. Using the latest adhesive best practices and modern lamination equipment, we minimize waste resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

Pouch & Custom Bag Converting

After printing, laminating and slitting the film, the final step is conversion into custom bags and pouches, performed on a wide range of pouch converting equipment. These pouch converting capabilities include:

  • Stand-up, bottom gusseted K-seal pouches
  • Stand-up, bottom gusseted Doyen pouches
  • Press-to-close zipper pouches
  • Slider pouches
  • Pouches with die-cut handles
  • Pouches with rounded corners
  • Three-side seal pouches
  • Additional custom designs

Flexographic Printing

Whether you need simple or complex processing, we leverage state-of-the-art presses to provide picture-perfect precision. A built-in defect detection system actively monitors print quality by continuously taking images of the web for comparison to a master image. An operator is alerted to any inconsistencies.

High-quality inks flow through a digitally controlled dispensing system to ensure consistency throughout short and long print runs. The flexographic printing press also uses an intelligent, automated ink dispensing system that records all ink details, including quality and environmental information, to ensure consistency on future jobs.

Precision Slitting

During the precision slitting process, a large, master roll is cut down to its final width, which is adjusted to your exact specifications and can accommodate up to a 60” web on either 3” or 6” cores. You can count on clean edges and properly wound rolls – a must for any professionally finished product.

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