Bird watching is big business in the United States. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey estimates that more than 45 million people engage in bird watching, from their backyards or as bird tourists, pumping more than $75 billion into the economy.

How can pet supply manufacturers take advantage of this demand? One way is to have a compelling retail display created by a display partner that understands both how to stimulate consumer engagement as well as how to prevent all potential supply chain challenges, especially when these displays are produced overseas.

Small Pet Displays Require Attention to Small Details

The appeal of bird watching is something we know firsthand from our work with one of the best-selling wild birdseed brands in the country. Kaytee Wild Bird Food flies off the shelf in locations ranging from big box stores to specialty pet supply retailers.

Retail displays that combine educational content and eye-catching graphics generate strong sell-through to both serious birders and newcomers to the hobby.

We recently brought our pet market and display know-how to a Kaytee wild birdseed on-shelf display for a Midwestern specialty pet supply retailer and saw birding’s popularity in action, as we watched our display being emptied of birdseed while we were still in the process of installing it.

The project encompassed a 40-foot section of shelf with a tree-foliage backdrop, pull-down educational signage and separate sections dedicated to species-specific types of seed.

Display Challenges

Kaytee faced two key challenges with their retail displays:


The retailer likes to store product on top of the inline shelving, which created the danger that signage could be damaged when they went to retrieve additional product. We created durable, acrylic signage that could stand up to the occasional knockabout and allowed the seed type to be viewed through the sign designating the species.

Variable Fixturing

The various store locations did not have standardized shelf sizes, so we had to create custom brackets and pegboards to allow the signage to accommodate various back shelf sizes. This is a common issue in specialty stores, where displays have to be customized store by store.

The result was a striking and informative display that we can only assume has made a lot of birds happy. The retailer was pretty pleased as well. There is interest in expanding to additional locations. At TPH, problem-solving is one of the things we do best.

Our Pet Product Display Credibility Covers Creatures Both Great and Small

At TPH Global, our pet product solutions cover a menagerie of displays, both wild and domesticated. From corrugated bin displays for hamster
habitats to wire and shelf displays for fish tank supplies, dog toys and cat accessories, we’ve got the creature world covered from head to tail.

Our credibility begins with experience and a lot of research. Our knowledge of the retail marketplace is both wide and deep. We have decades of experience navigating retailer requirements, but we also take the time to understand the market of our clients, including competitive research.

When you partner with TPH for your retail display, our credibility becomes your credibility and our expertise becomes your expertise. Our ability to manage and troubleshoot everything from the supply chain to helping you maintain your retailer relationship makes us a secret weapon in our clients’ campaigns.

If you’ve got a project that could benefit from our 50 years of providing reliable expertise, oversight and problem solving, give us a call.

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