For manufacturers, brands and licensees, retail success with consumer goods has never been harder. Amazon, e-commerce and different millennial buying habits have all conspired to hurt big box retail. Rising energy and labor prices, along with the increasing risk of trade wars has commodity prices increasing across the board. It’s never been more important to work with a partner that can help you navigate these challenges to save money and best your competitors.

For the past 14 years, TPH Global has worked with one of the world’s leading suppliers of slippers footwear accessories and purses to provide its industry leading expertise to identify, prevent and resolve the many custom retail POP displays and packaging issues associated with their overseas sourced products getting to market.

As a result, TPH Global has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in program costs and instilled confidence in the client and its retailer/customers that their products will arrive on time and in great condition.

Client Testimonial

In the words of our client, “The most important needs in a packaging and display partner,” says the manufacturer, are “responsiveness, communication, accountability, and transparency – and TPH is four for four. Everybody says they can do it, but when things happen, they are Johnny-on-the-spot.

“Five years ago when I was touring a product factory in China, a factory rep opened the pallet to show me the packed product and the trays had collapsed. I got on the phone with TPH before flying home. By the time I landed 18-20 hours later, TPH had a plan in place to fix the problem. Without TPH’s efforts, it could have meant the loss of the program.”

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You can download the full case study here. Then let us know if we can help you successfully pitch your POP display program to retailers, create compelling display and packaging designs and eliminate any supply chain woes.

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