Target Product Display Guidelines

Target Product Display Guidelines

TPH Global® builds and ships retail product displays for Target and other big box stores for brand managers of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs). With the help of the TPH team, clients can develop high-quality campaigns, land deals, and maintain lasting retail partnerships. From product pitch to supply chain logistics, we can help you impress buyers with your command of the details and an on-time, well-planned and strategic big box campaign.

Target has strict requirements for temporary fixtures and, in a 30+ page document, outlines brand expectations, structural integrity requirements, and additional guidelines for potential displays. TPH can help you meet these detailed requirements to develop a compliant, successful pitch.

General Target Requirements

Getting your product on the sales floor requires jumping through more than a few hoops. Target outlines guidelines for:

  • Temporary or PDQ Fixture Types
  • Colors, Barcode, and Baler Logo Specifications
  • Sustainability Requirements
  • Brand Expectations
  • Structural Integrity
  • Corrugated Board Grade, and more

TPH can assist with the pitching and approval process for your product, orchestrating the logistics and communications with Target’s team to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. If approved, the final sample of your product must be on-site to your buyer at Target headquarters at least 10 weeks prior to the set date.

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