A kit full of breastfeeding supplies makes a thoughtful and convenient baby shower gift. It’s also an effective all-in-one introduction to the brand behind a wide range of products and resources for new mothers.

But there’s nothing “all-in-one” or easy about the process of creating profit for a bundled collection of items produced by multiple, mostly overseas, manufacturers.

Lansinoh®, an Alexandria, Virginia-based breastfeeding solutions brand with a 39-year history of supporting new mothers, wanted a retail campaign partner that could do it all: managing the supply chain that would get four products into one place, creating custom packaging and displays, and getting the finished kits into retailers on time and in compliance with their myriad specifications.

With some vendors you have to send three messages all the time to get an answer.” With TPH, “Their feedback has always been quick. You place an order; the next day, they keep you posted. – VP Operations, Lansinoh

The company found TPH Global Solutions, and much like the commitment its own brand was founded on, discovered a partner dedicated to making things easy for its customers. Here’s an overview of the challenges and solution TPH provided.

Retail Success by the Numbers

  • 4: Different products in breastfeeding kit
  • 10: Years working with TPH Global Solutions
  • 8-10: Different retailers selling the company’s products
  • 4-6: Weeks from order to finished product with TPH
  • 8-10: Weeks for 3PL partner to complete the same work

The Challenges

  • Multiple SKUs bundled into one starter kit
  • Most products coming from multiple overseas manufacturers
  • Packaging and displays had to meet stringent retailer requirements and have the right shelf appeal
  • Tricky brand color palette and need for regular design refresh help

The Solution

The company’s VP of operations says TPH Global Solutions was the right partner to help the company overcome the hurdles, designing the retail packaging and displays as well as producing the packaging and managing the packing in the USA, as well as delivering on-time. The kit was and continues to be very successful.

Nearly a decade later, his opinion has not changed, as TPH continues as a critical link in the company’s supply chain.

“It’s the last person working on the chain that has to deal with the biggest challenges and TPH is at the end of the chain,” he said. “You lose time at the beginning and at the end when everything arrives, the last one in the chain is very important.”

Beyond the ability to get everything where it needs to be without mistakes, the VP says he still marvels at the speed at which TPH makes it happen.

The Results: Speed & Expertise on the Path to Retail Success

“TPH delivers almost every time in six weeks” from start to finished product, he said. “A lot of companies are going to take six weeks just to get the printed material. We tried to do it with our 3PL partner – they were over 8 to 10 weeks.”

The VP attributes that to expertise. “I can actually confirm in 10 years of working with them, they do have the expertise,” he said. “They are super quick.”

What’s more, he said, the responsiveness of the TPH Global Solutions team means he never has to wonder about the status of a project or worry about whether an artwork change will throw the schedule into disarray.

“With some vendors, you have to send three messages all the time to get an answer,” he said. TPH’s feedback “has always been quick. You place an order; the next day they keep you posted.”

That includes sending images to be sure that everything is in order and providing meticulous follow-up at every stage, he said. TPH, he said, has saved the company “a lot of time” at a price he considers “very competitive” for the service provided.

The TPH Global Solutions Difference

When you rely on TPH Global Solutions for your retail campaign, you get a partner who can see you through every step of the process, from pitch support to display and packaging, to supply chain logistics.

We work with you to help make it easy to get your products to market and leave retailers eager to work with you again.

With more than 58 years of experience in retail POP display and packaging, retailer guidelines, project management and global supply chain optimization, we provide end-to-end support that lets you win over retailers and maximize sell-through.

Speak with one of our team members to learn more about how partnering with TPH Global Solutions can help get your next retail campaign over the finish line and positioned for repeat retail success.

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