Floor Retail POP & POS Displays

Whether permanent or temporary, retail point-of-purchase (POP) floor displays are one of the most effective ways to help your product stand out in any retail environment, from warehouse clubs to big box stores to local and specialty retailers.

Liquor Retail Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

Meeting Retailer Requirements

In the good old days, you could just run 500 displays, put them in your warehouse and retailers would order ten at a time – as is. Today, retailers now want to control everything in their store so they have their own specifications for your retail POP display.

For example, the footprint required in warehouse clubs vary: Costco requires shopping off the 48″ side pallets whereas BJ’s and Sam’s Club require off the 40″ side of the pallet. Aisle and end-cap displays are based off a 24″ footprint but can be more or less depending on the product being promoted. Home Depot has very specific requirements for their display graphics: headers and bases need to match the department standard and match the Home Depot design language. Large retailers even have their own style and structure guidelines.

Calculate your floor display costs and ROI

It’s also critical to understand the environment in which your products are displayed, including height limitations, footprint and where the display will be placed – under a rack or whether it’s in the middle of an aisle allowing shopping on one side, at the end of an aisle, or being shopped on all four sides.

Retailers may also have options on how much of your product they want to bring in to their stores. You may be able to fit 130 pieces into a display but the retailer may limit you to 100. This is especially important because manufacturers tend to want to put as much product as possible onto a pallet to lower their piece part costs, while retailers may not want to purchase that much product.

Display Material Types

Floor displays can be constructed out of corrugated or paperboard (temporary) as well as, plastic, wood and metal. For some displays, a combination of materials are used either to give the display a specific look and feel or to accommodate heavy product weight while also being cost-effective like in this recent hardware display example. We provide designs that can allow your display to be a pre-pack (fully loaded) display utilizing the shipping carton as part of the display and making for quick and easy set up at retail.

Purchasing from a Manufacturer vs. Display Partner

While it’s true that corrugated and paperboard box manufacturers can be competitive on price, they can only provide and design utilizing the materials they manufacture.

At TPH Global Solutions, we provide our clients with their choice from a wide variety of materials because corrugated and paperboard may not be what is required. Sometimes, corrugated or paperboard may be the right material but only when combined with additional materials to add stability and/or strengthen the display such as metal tube supports or plastic clips in these two examples.

And our award-winning design service is part of our core business and rivals the best in the business.

Beyond the Display

TPH offers a full suite of display capabilities to help you sleep easy at night, from design to pitching retailers to fulfillment and taking the pain out of your supply chain – whether manufacturing products domestically, in China or elsewhere overseas.

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