Considering today’s global supply chain, demanding retailers and increasing competition, it’s never been more challenging for designing or sourcing
retail packaging and displays for footwear. The best way to overcome these challenges is to have an experienced partner in your corner.

Pain Points

Do you have any of the following footwear packaging and/or POP display problems?

  • Lack of design innovation
  • Color matching, print quality or material use
  • Issues working with club stores
  • Shortages or other supply chain headaches
  • Unresponsive packaging and display partners

If you do or if there’s anything else you’re unsatisfied with, let’s talk.

Footwear Packaging & Display Assessment

Leveraging our 50 years of experience, we can review your current packaging and display designs, material use and supply chain costs/efficiencies. Evenif we don’t work together beyond this report, our recommendations can help you eliminate problems, cut costs and increase profitability with your footwear packaging and displays.

Additionally, if you have any new projects coming up where you would like to have another packaging or display option to consider, let us know.

Contact us to learn more about our retail footwear packaging and display services

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