Managing a big box campaign is a complicated undertaking and meeting retailer requirements is critical.

It’s not enough, however, to rely on your conversations with buyers. You’ve got to have a thorough understanding of what the requirements are and what they mean for every step of the process. Sometimes it may be necessary to push back gently against a request for a change that can have unintended consequences.

A request for a different size pallet, for example, can affect the way pallets are stacked inside a container, inflating the cost of delivery. It only takes a few added inches to interfere with the ability to stack and cut your number of units in half.

Navigating Retail Change Requests that Add Cost

Recently this happened to one of our clients, who manufactures footwear in China. The buyer had accidentally asked for 58” pallets, a request that added five inches to the retailer’s own guidelines, and would have made stacking impossible, doubling trucking costs. The guidelines called for 53” pallets.

Luckily, we were able to resolve the issue which could have cost our footwear client tens of thousands of dollars in container shipping costs: Taller pallets would have meant 3,600 units per container instead of 5,400.

It’s an example of the importance of being willing and able to steer a buyer to a better outcome. It’s in the retailer’s best interest as well. At TPH Global®, decades of experience managing big box campaigns has left us knowing when and how to push back and has saved our clients a lot of money.

Retailer requirements are complex and numerous and it is easy to make mistakes. Buyers may ask for things from vendors that are not aligned with their own retail point-of-purchase guidelines for pallet displays, other floor displays and PDQs. If you work with retail buyers directly, or with inexperienced POP display providers, not knowing how to manage this situation could cost both you and the retailer a lot of money.

Experienced Partner Yields a Better Outcome for Everyone

Big box campaigns have never been trickier than they are right now. Timelines are a mess and often compressed. It’s not unusual to be asked to do things in three weeks that generally require nine.

An experienced partner can help you avoid costly mistakes, ensure retailer requirements are achieved, and let you focus on developing innovative new products instead of worrying about shipping and fulfillment.

Complex & Extensive Requirements

With six decades of retail display experience, the team at TPH Global has expertise in meeting requirements for every major retailer.

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·       Costco ·       Meijer


Achieving the Win-Win

When you work with an experienced partner like TPH Global, everybody wins. Give us a call or click on the link below to learn more about what we can do to ensure the success of your next retail campaign.

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