Webinar: Maximize Retail Display Success at Walmart, Costco & Sam’s Club

Join TPH Global Solutions® President, CEO David Schmidt from noon to 1 p.m. Central, Wednesday, Feb. 28 where he will share best practices from over three decades of helping brands launch successful retail packaging display programs at big box stores, specialty retailers, grocers and more.

Avoid Preproduction Failures that Can Derail Your Retail Display Program

A great product is not enough to succeed in Walmart, Costco or Sam’s Club. These retailers have unforgiving deadlines and strict requirements for everything from packaging to deadlines to sell-through. Managing the countless logistical and supply chain hiccups that can derail your success can feel like an impossible task.

An experienced partner can be the difference between a great outcome and a frustrating series of stumbles. Join Schmidt for a complimentary one-hour webinar from noon to 1 p.m. CT on Wednesday, Feb. 28 to learn the most common points of failure for big box campaigns that should have made it across the finish line, but failed to take steps that include:

  • Knowing the precise details of manufacturing capacity
  • Understanding how manufacturing partners source the components of a product
  • Maximizing the quantity of product on a display and product in a shipping container or truck

Register for the Webinar

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