For this year’s holiday season, are you planning to run with last year’s retail packaging and POP displays?
If so, are you worried about eclipsing last year’s sales?

If you want to take things up a notch with your retail POP displays and/or packaging in time for the holidays, now’s the time to get started to ensure a successful Christmas season.

If you manufacture your products in China, it may be too late to upgrade your packaging and display updates there, but there are domestic co-packing options that can be produced in time.

Costco & Warehouse Clubs

While Costco just seems to want stacked corrugated boxes on pallets, we can help you adhere to those requirements while also helping you stand out. We can dress up and stylize pallet floor displays so you don’t blend in with all the rest as well as find creative packaging options.

For example, we can also explore the use of trays to show off your products instead of corrugated boxes. We just completed a pallet floor display for a Costco test order where we put footwear for children in trays instead of boxes. This saved money for our client and the test was a success. Now we’re exploring the use of trays for men’s footwear.

Whatever the case, we’ll put together the planogram, stack per spec, shroud, and cap so that we can get your product on the water in time for the holidays.This past year, we produced over 34,000 pallet displays along with over 4 million packages – with a good percentage of them shipped to Costco and 100% were shipped on-time with no quality issues.

Holiday POP Display & PackagingSam’s Club, Walmart and BJs like cabinets and floor displays, which allows more creativity for both temporary and permanent floor displays as well as on-shelf and PDQ displays.

China & Co-Packing

If you manufacture in China or elsewhere in Asia, we can help you do production runs of packaging and displays for a lot less money and headache.
We do this by working with your supplier partners to eliminate quality issues and streamline the process so you can get boats loaded and your distribution channel filled on time.

To upgrade your packaging and displays in time for the holidays, it may be too late to do so in China. However, we offer display manufacturing and packing here in the US. As your products arrive on the West Coast, we can bring them into one of our facilities there, bring in our new packaging and displays (made in the US), co-pack them, and get them into your distribution channel.

Spring Reminder: if you’re all set for the holidays, remember that Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 28, so now is a good time to plan accordingly for your retail packaging and displays.

We Make It Easy

Whether it’s creating innovative new displays and/or getting them out produced in time for the holiday season, we make it easy. Put our 50 years of experience to work for you so that you can have a great Q4.

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