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Permanent Retail POP & POS Displays

Permanent displays are designed to last 1-2 years on a retail floor. They are replenished with products and designed to both reinforce your brand message and make the shopper experience easy to select and access products.

Permanent Floor Retail Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

By offering a permanent display to retailers, consumer product goods companies (CPGs) solidify their location in the store, control the presentation their branded message and amortize the cost over the life of the display.

Materials for permanent displays includes wood, metal, wire, acrylic, and plastic with printed headers.

With changeable headers and graphic panels, brand messaging can be updated for seasonal promotions or change in product mix at a relatively low cost.

Beyond the Display

TPH offers a full suite of display capabilities with a focus on simplifying your global supply chain to help you sleep easy at night. We work side by side with our clients with packaging and display design, retailer pitches, project management and fulfillment. Our mission is to make it easy for our clients to get their products to market by taking the pain out of your supply chain – whether manufacturing products domestically, in China or elsewhere overseas.

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