With a market expected to reach $445 million by 2021, the home ceiling fan business has become increasingly competitive, even for an industry pioneer with more than 100 years in the business.

When one particular industry leader recently had the opportunity to get a foothold in Costco across Canada, the company knew they needed a campaign that hit all the right notes. They needed a problem-solving partner who understood what they were up against.

Meeting Retailer Expectations with Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Costco, like all of the big box retailers, has an uncompromising set of display specifications. Deviations from these requirements can end a campaign before it ever gets started. After contacting several other display companies for designs, the company wasn’t satisfied with the options that had been presented. They came to TPH Global® to see what we could to.

The challenge was coming up with a design that would allow the fans on display to fit so that the blades would not extend into the aisle. We knew there had to be a solution. We sent a team into Costco stores to learn exactly how their ceiling fans were displayed. It took both creativity and collaboration with the client to make this work.

We came up with a design that allowed the fans to be shipped with the blades detached. A simple in-store assembly process then allowed the product to be showcased intact through open-front packaging.

A permanent, self-contained wooden display keeps the blades from protruding into the aisle. To top it off, we obtained approval from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to wire the display so the fan lights could be switched on and off.

Costco Displays that Really Work

When finished, we had built a functioning, interactive display that we knew would be a hit with both customers and Costco. A six-store test run has had promising results and the company is planning a 100-store rollout across Canada.

At TPH Global®, we have decades of experience managing big box retailer campaigns that maximize the wow. Our expertise in meeting retailer specifications, optimizing global supply chains, logistics, and designing displays that work has made us the partner of choice for brand managers looking for successful retail programs. We don’t just build displays – we build business.

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