How happy are you with the quality, consistency and communication your packaging and display supply chain?
Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Factory employee turnover
  • Use of unauthorized materials by your suppliers
  • Color matching and print quality
  • Communication, particularly with overseas partners
  • Difficulty in coordinating multiple suppliers
  • Partners that don’t offer co-packing as a service

An Onsite, Overseas Presence

People frequently change on the lines of packaging and display suppliers, so it’s critical to ensure that new people are effectively trained and that you work with suppliers that have low employee turnover. As a value-add service for our footwear clients, we help ensure consistent quality of work through training and supervision as part of having an onsite presence. We also ensure that only authorized materials are used and that any other nagging issues are resolved.

Color Matching & Print Quality

Overseas suppliers are adept at copying artwork. However, color matching and print quality of packaging and displays may vary unacceptably, particularly if you source from multiple factories. We ensure consistent artwork quality as part of our onsite presence and by adjusting ink percentages. For example, if we have the actual product and time is the issue we can make color corrections on press.


Though supply chains are increasingly global, different time zones, languages and cultures often still present communication issues – particularly between multiple factories. This leads to different expectations of what constitutes acceptable quality and on-time delivery. Effective communication comes from experience and being proactive, for which our global team excels.

Supply Chain Problems, Resolved

One of our project leaders was just in China to address an issue with for a permanent footwear display. We resolved the issue through direct visual communication at the factory in time to make an on-time delivery. By actually being at the factory we were able to make adjustments to the display per the customer’s last minute request and give them what they wanted.The results were that everything ran smoothly through production and was a win-win for our customer.

For another footwear brand, we met with our customer’s Chinese factories to ensure good communication between them and to allow us to build and pack out the displays on time without incurring overtime. We eliminated the any issues upfront and all is now running smoothly because we have experienced, trustworthy people on the ground in China and at our warehouse on the West Coast.

Footwear Packaging & Display Value-Add

Even when our clients believe their packaging and displays to be in good shape, we identify issues and areas of opportunity, with design, material selection and structure. Our clients often take our recommendations, but not always – we just want to present them with options.

We also offer co-packing services so that your displays are assembled and packed with your product correctly. Many of our customers request direct shipment to retail or club stores as pre-pack displays making the retailers job much easier.

If you have any of the issues above, or other challenges, let’s talk. We have 50 years of experience working with many footwear brands that we can leverage for you.

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