When creating point-of-sale and point-of-purchase retail displays, design is the commodity. There are many talented POP/POS designers around the country, so how do determine who’s the best display design partner for you?

While you can go with lowest price, partnering with a retail display company that knows the requirements of big box and other national retailers can help you get your product in their stores faster and with higher sell-through rates. Below are best practices that will add value to any retail display design project.

Retail Display Checklist

Many of our retail display clients have an idea of whether they want a counter or floor display and how many are needed. However, they need help with the following areas that we identify as part of our process:

  • How the display will be used
  • Location in the store
  • Environment around the display
  • What competitors are doing
  • What materials are most cost-effective

Best Practice Examples

Retail POS/POP Display

As an example of retail POS/POP display best practices, we just completed a hamster habitat display that was needed for a national pet supply retailer. We designed the display around their tubes. We did store audits to determine how much much space we could use; what the competitive landscape looked like; and determined how the display would be handled by store personnel. The client and retailer loved it.

Some big box stores like Costco have standardized environments but it still has to fit with what they’re doing. Displays in Home Depot have to match the look and feel of other displays throughout their stores. In Walgreens, we’ll go in and take photos of the shelf and competitive product to help ensure that your display stands out and works for the retailer.

Navigating Cost Differences

Once we identify retailer requirements and create a design that will both fit into the store’s environment and help you stand out against competition, we’ll identify the most cost-effective material. This will help your retail display look great at the best possible price.

The TPH Difference

Our uniqueness is the combination of our creativity, awareness and experience. Some POP/POS retail display houses will provide creative design concepts but will fail to meet big box retailer requirements and may use materials that cost you a lot more than you need.

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