Two recent projects had permanent retail point-of-sale display requirements but only temporary display budgets. Here’s how we rose to the challenge.

Hardware Tool Bag Display

One of our hardware manufacturer clients needed to display a premium, backpack-styled tool bag ($100 retail) to stand out in the aisle among lower quality, private-labeled bags on the shelf.

Due to the weight of the tool bags, our client needed a sturdy display but could only afford corrugated. The display also needed to fall within a 24″ square area and stand about four feet high.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our staff, we were able to design and produce a corrugated display strong enough to hold up to eight tool bags with two per level, each in a cube-like compartment that provided the sturdiness needed to accommodate the weight.

Bird Seed Display

A bird seed producer wanted a retail display with five shelves, each holding 50 lbs., that could be easily set up by store employees.

Metal permanent displays were beyond their budget, so our team went the semi-permanent route using corrugated with metal bars. That did the trick and parakeets everywhere appreciate it.

What can we do for your next retail point-of-sale display?

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