In the last year, have you had any problems with missed deliveries of your in-store POP displays?

Why Do Missed Deliveries Happen?

Missed deliveries can be a problem when sourcing from large packaging manufacturers and vendors of other display material types. This is often caused by their having to juggle large orders from their top customers with running smaller jobs: they squeeze in the smaller jobs when they can, but the larger jobs take priority. If two jobs are competing for the same machine time, the larger job will win every time.

From our experience, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) brand managers also tend to have a shorter window to get their product to market because of having to wait for final approval from retailers – especially if your product is manufactured in China or elsewhere in Asia.

As a result, there is a short window of time to design and manufacture packaging and POP displays. This brings TPH into the picture as we can produce for you in Asia or in the US, allowing our customers to get their product produced and packed out with a quick turnaround after the final approval. This also allows time for creativity so you don’t have to run the same packaging and displays as last year.

Display Shipment Reliability

For the last 50 years TPH Global has prided itself on being one of the most reliable and trusted retail POP display providers in the world. Even when delivery windows are tight and suppliers are in China, we come through for our customers on-time, time and time again.

Our customers look to us as a reliable resource and trust us for on-time delivery for retail POP displays as well as packaging, sales kits, canvas bags, and more. We also help our customers take advantage of materials well beyond corrugated to increase product sales.

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