As we talked about in our custom catering packaging blog post, being able to effectively manage the packaging supply chain and inventory levels can be more important than design and branding – especially when having to manage multiple vendors (for both our clients and ours) in China, Asia and around the world.

This is especially true of the packaging and supply chain management services we provide to FLIR, the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras, based in Sweden.

Having worked with FLIR for many years, we’ve become a designated producer of retail packaging across their multiple brands and we manage their overseas programs.

Packaging Supply Chain Management

We incorporate different packaging materials for FLIR that support its contract manufacturers throughout China and Taiwan, including blister packs, corrugated, paper board, and vacuum formed inserts. FLIR’s packaging is printed with high-end embellishments and special effects, including matte film lamination with spot gloss UV.

Ongoing coordination with FLIR’s project teams and their contract partners ensures the timely availability of replenishment materials.

Color Matching & QC

FLIR sets the bar high for brand identity, color and structural design consistency. In addition to the state-of-the-art tools available in the printing industry, we review all customer artwork files for consistency in composition, percentage of color and saturation throughout.

In addition to this coordination up front, we use the latest printing presses and deploy our QC partners on press to validate every run, and we then perform QC on the back-end using color management tools. Even with this effort, we do one more round of QC to catch scuffs and scratches, including having to slip sheet and, in the case of FLIR’s packaging, put every item in poly bags.

Because FLIR products are high-end, the packaging makes the first impression on consumers and supports the brands representation of high-end quality and technology. In this way, packaging helps build consonance and reduce dissonance (Leon Festinger would be proud).

Explosive Sales Growth

While we can’t take the credit for their explosive sales growth, we would certainly get the blame if the packaging supply chain was disrupted.

We also design, produce and manage distribution of their retail point-of-sale (POS) displays. These includes permanent counter displays that are made from molded plastics and other complimentary materials.

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