Anybody can print a box. A successful display and marketing campaign needs more than just a company that can print a box.

Global brands need a partner with system-wide expertise – a “know-how company.” A know-how company asks a lot of questions before the first box ever leaves the factory. And when things get a little tricky, a know-how company can manage your supply chain from manufacturing point to the store.

The Right Partner Asks (and Answers) the Right Questions

At TPH Global Solutions®, we built our reputation around the difficult jobs. We know that it doesn’t matter what your display looks like, if your display partner hasn’t thought through all of the things that will be required of it:

  • How will your product get from the manufacturer to the store?
  • What is the route and what are the rigors of distribution?
  • How will items be organized within the display?
  • How do your shoppers search for products?

That’s why for more than 50 years, brand managers have trusted TPH Global Solutions with their most difficult projects – projects with multi-country supply chains or rigid licensee criteria, projects with tough logistics and tight deadlines, or projects requiring complicated pre-pack arrangements that have to arrive on the other side of the world needing no assembly.

Our expertise goes way beyond creating displays. We’re experts in coordinating the array of moving parts that have to come together to make sure that your campaign is not tripped up by the intricacies of a global supply chain, damaged by mishandling, or undermined by sloppy logistics that can lead to costly and reputation-killing rework.  

Problem Solving Is What We Do Best

Large, complex program do not go off without a hitch just because somebody created a pretty display. They go off without a hitch because someone with know-how has thought out each step in the process, and anticipated where all of the hitches could be.

And when there are hitches that can’t be avoided, like last minute change requests from retailers, that is when experience and know-how really come to the rescue, with solutions and resources that keep your project on track, on time and on budget.

That’s what we do best. If you want the best for your next project, give us a call.

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