Today’s custom retail display campaigns have so many moving parts, it’s not surprising that many CPGs struggle to manage them successfully.

What is surprising is how little it takes to turn a display campaign from problematic to profitable. While big issues like supply chain disruption, pandemics and regulatory hurdles can knock a campaign off-track with little warning, it is far more common to see campaigns derail over small details that go overlooked.

In our role as a retail display partner to some of the world’s best-known brands, we have built our reputation on scrupulous attention to detail at every stage – from the first buyer meeting to supply chain management and fulfillment. We have seen firsthand the results of a less diligent approach – cases in which the small oversight led to avoidable mistakes that cost tens of thousands of dollars to correct.

Here are two examples of details that may seem like minutiae but can lead to cost and time overruns that destroy deadlines and profitability.

How a ¼” Sizing Error Cost a Quarter-Million Dollars

One client’s overseas manufacturer overshot the product template by ¼” in width, reducing the amount of product that would fit on a display. The difference, multiplied across all the displays, led to a $250,000 cost overrun. Even minor sizing errors in product or packaging can have serious repercussions. Beyond the issue of how much product fits on a display, small discrepancies in size can also impact how product is arranged in shipping containers or trucks, leaving gaps that can cause product to shift in transit and arrive damaged.

Supply Chain Nooks & Crannies that Break Deadlines & Budgets

Other easily overlooked details can hide in the overseas manufacturing part of your supply chain. If you’re not managing production down to the smallest details, you can find yourself facing unpleasant surprises. We’ve seen a case where a Chinese manufacturer outsourced one small part of a footwear product to another manufacturer two provinces a way. The discovery added time-consuming complications to a program on a tight deadline, not to mention extra costs and stress.

Support for Your Retail Display Program

When you partner with TPH Global Solutions for custom retail displays, you get experienced, professional help and project management at every step, ensuring close attention to detail and strategies for ensuring profitability and happy retailers.

Learn more about how the TPH team can help ensure the success of your program with high-quality, cost-effective point of purchase (POP) displays, custom packaging, sales kits and diligent oversight of logistics, transportation and supply chain optimization.

Since 1965, we have been delivering profitable retail merchandising campaigns for brands working with all major retailers, including Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Petco, and more.

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