Running a successful big box campaign can be a daunting task for industry veterans, let alone newcomers. So when a Manhattan-based home products manufacturer received interest from Sam’s Club last year, they turned to TPH Global® to help seal the deal.

As a leading manufacturer of home and kitchen products, the NYC company is a top producer in a category poised to do well as homebound consumer behavior continues to favor cooking and other domestic activities over the things we used to care about when we had places to go. As the Wall Street Journal reported recently: “More Cooking, Less Shampooing…”

One of the company’s most popular line of products is plastic drink tumblers, a market projected to reach nearly 5 billion in sales by 2025.

Founded in 2010, this cutting-edge design house serves a broad range of vertical operations, ranging from product design to delivery of home products. While it carries a full line of its own stock merchandise, the organization specializes in private label business serving department and specialty stores, as well as mass merchants and discounters.

With a preexisting, nationwide supply chain, the company has experience with a wide range of customers.  However, partnering with big box retailers was new territory for the organization and required a little extra help from TPH.

The Benefits of a Partner with Big Box Expertise

When TPH first heard from the home products company in late May, 2019, Sam’s Club had already shown interest in their 2-pack of tumblers but had requested the client demonstrate they could execute on the order prior to moving forward. With little time to spare, TPH designed the product package, pallet display, container load plans and provided the supply chain to fulfill and execute the order in the limited time available.

Empowered with sample packages, images of the pallet display and a complete understanding of the total costs to deliver the program on time, the client was able to secure the million-dollar order and move ahead.

Here’s an overview of the timeline:

  • 3 Weeks for Sam’s Club to finalize commitment
  • Third-party testing, production, and pack-out completed within 10-12 weeks
  • 150,000-piece initial order that sold through
  • More than 3 program reruns in discussion with Sam’s Club

Collaboration and Problem Solving for Retail Success

Whether it’s environmentally-friendly packaging for a bread pan or an eye-catching two-pack of tumblers, TPH provides collaborative problem solving, creative packaging, and strategic insight for big box campaigns that can win the trust of retailers like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, BJs and more.

With over 50 years of experience in retail POP display and packaging, retailer pitch support , project management and global supply chain logistics, we provide a system of end-to-end support that enables our clients to win over the toughest of big box retailers and maximize sell-through.

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