Well tried but true, retail point-of-purchase (POP) pallet displays have long served as merchandising vehicles for products displayed in warehouse club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s. These displays are designed to ship pre-packed with merchandise and to be retail ready when the shipping cover is removed. Products sell best when the display is sturdy and has attention grabbing graphics and informative content about the product.

Though these often-unwieldy displays may seem mundane when compared with countertop displays, there is still an opportunity for creativity and strategic marketing. But some pallet displays are better than others, so how can you ensure that yours accelerates product sales so that your test order is successful and that your products are regularly featured?

Pallet Display Key Characteristics

Whether you’re selling electronics, footwear, pet supplies, or other products, TPH suggests you consider the following:

  • Demand Durability: pallet displays should be durable enough to survive the rigors of distribution, including transit and handling from the manufacturing source to the retailer’s distribution center
  • Emphasize Efficiency: the focus is always on organizing products on the pallet display as efficiently as possible to maximize ease of access and should depict information on the product as clearly and cleanly as possible
  • Maximize Space: utilizing uniform packaging that is designed to both protect the product and inform the consumer as well as maximize the product per pallet display
  • Incorporate Technology: for those categories like electronics, speakers or items best served by removing the product from the box and demonstrating their features, countertop displays are utilized and located above the pallet displays; often, countertop displays will incorporate technology such as video monitors or stereo sound for high-ticket items and electric motors or lighting to show motion or illuminate the product
  • It’s a Wrap: utilize pallet skirts to display a graphic wrap around the bottom where images and content can easily be seen; wraps are used to cover 4-5 wood pallets to raise the product to the optimum selling height, reduce the product count per pallet and to provide impactful marketing or branding

Pallet Display Expertise

Let TPH Global Solutions take you through the ins and outs of pallet displays, helping you design, manufacture and distribute those that will most effectively and efficiently market your products while adhering to the standardized requirements stipulated by specific club stores. Whether your products are made in the USA, China or throughout Asia, our experienced team will take you from concept to testing to production and fulfillment on time, offering the highest quality displays at the greatest value.

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