The language of a mass merchandiser’s retail display campaign can be confusing. Here are 10 terms that are frequently misused, misunderstood, or can have different meanings depending on who is using them.

Every retailer has unique expectations, and the definition of success can change from one retailer to the next – not to mention the definition of a lot of other things.

Below are 10 terms that can be a source of confusion.

1. PDQ

Depending on whom you ask, PDQ stands for “product displays quickly” or “pretty darn quick.” This often describes a slant back tray or a display that is prepacked for a fast load-in. PDQ displays, including floor displays, are designed to require minimal work for the retailer and are often used synonymously with countertop displays.

However, not all big box stores use this term consistently. Walmart uses the term “PDQ” to describe everything except for sidekicks.

2. Sidekicks

Sometimes known as dump bins, power wings, or PDQ endcaps, sidekicks are displays that typically hold loose product, designed for end-of-aisle locations.

3. Shippers

This refers to either a master carton for bulk product or a pre-packed display and is often confused with PDQs and PDQ shippers.

4. RPR

Retail Ready Packaging, or RPR, is similar to PDQ. This term, first defined by Amazon, indicates product that is ready to be placed on the floor or shipped individually to customers.

5. Clamshells & Blister Packs

Blister packaging, clamshells, thermoform, and vac-form all refer to low-cost plastic packaging that is sealed around the product.

6. Permanent vs. Temporary Displays

Permanent displays, as the name suggests, are intended to remain in place for more than one year, are typically made from metal, plastic or wood, and can be restocked. Temporary displays only last as long as the product they hold – and are therefore lower in price.

7. Butterfly Skirts

A commonly used term in Costco warehouses, butterfly skirts are drop-down panels that double as outer protection (shrouds) on pallet displays. The butterfly panels drop down and cover the stack of wood pallets when in-store, used to raise the product higher while creating a colorful billboard along the bottom of the display.

8. Shelf Talkers

These shelves attach to a ledge and help to draw attention to sale items or other promotions for a specific product. Typically made of PVC plastic, shelf talkers can attach easily to displays and even include interactive elements such as QR codes.

9. Shelf Wobblers

Like shelf talkers, these promotional elements hang from – rather than attach to the bottom of – shelving to attract customers’ attention.

10. Aisle Violators

These oddly named vinyl signs are excellent for drawing attention to products. Often used in grocery retail environments, these signs extend into the aisle space for an eye-catching, double-sided display.

Custom Retail Display Support

From lingo to logistics, retail display campaigns come with a steep learning curve. Having a partner fluent in “retail” not only makes things easier but can also increase your chance of landing a program with Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and other retailers.

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