Among the many challenges brands face is calculating the return on investment of their retail program: our new ROI calculator makes it easy. Simply enter your data and the calculator will do the work, incorporating all the relevant cost drivers to show you the profitability of your campaign and leave you well positioned for your retail buyer meeting. Here’s how it works.

Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club as well as warehouse clubs and big box retailers, will dictate a brand’s selling price. It’s critical to know your all-in costs and profitability before meeting with retail buyers/merchants.

The profitability of your program will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Product packaging
  • Number of units per display
  • The number of displays
  • Retailer-specific requirements for displays
  • Shipping costs, tariffs, duties, and more

Strategizing Your Big Box Display Program

Successful programs start at the first meeting with the retailer buyer/merchant. Let TPH guide you through the process to secure the order and grow your selling opportunities.

At TPH, we simplify the entire process so you can confidently grow your sales.

Not sure how to calculate the “all-in” display costs?  We can help!

Try our ROI Calculator here.

TPH Global Solutions® has decades of experience sourcing all material needed for retail packaging and successful display programs. We can plug in any missing numbers and bring down costs that could make your display program unprofitable. You can also leverage our extensive retailer and display knowledge when negotiating with store buyers. Speak to one of our retail display experts today.

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