Read our guide for how to profitably satisfy Walmart packaging and PDQ display requirements and getting your shipments to stores on-time without damage or chargebacks.

To successfully pitch and land campaigns with big box stores like Walmart, you need more than a great product – you need a thorough understanding of the retailer’s requirements and expectations for packaging, displays, shipments, and more.

In our latest guide, we provide an overview of Walmart requirements and tips to position your campaign for success. From developing your pitch, to creating and managing a reliable supply chain, we’ll walk you through the dos and don’ts of working with this big box giant.

Asking the Right Questions

Knowing what not to do can be as important as knowing what to do – and this often starts with asking the right questions.

Did you do your homework? Walmart wants to see evidence of your ability to meet deadlines and Walmart requirements. A successful pitch is built around understanding key performance indicators (KPIs), requirements for packaging design, sizing, materials, shipment standards, and more.

Walmart Guide Highlights

Our guide to Walmart campaign success covers the following:

  • Requirements for PDQ displays, dump bins and more
  • Questions to ask when building a campaign
  • Common pitch mistakes to avoid
  • Walmart KPIs
  • Sustainable packaging requirements
  • Troubleshooting your supply chain

Do You Need a Walmart Display Expert?

The more complex your program, the more value we offer at TPH Global Solutions®. Serving you as a retail channel expert, we work with Walmart buyers and subcontract with manufacturers, packaging and display suppliers, co-packers, and logistics providers all over the world – and we’ve been doing so since 1965.

TPH Global Solutions will make it easy for you to get your product to Walmart by developing your custom display program so that it meets all buyer requirements, is profitable, and gets to stores on-time without damage or chargebacks. We’ll even repackage dead inventory if you have any.

Download the eGuide: Your Guide to Walmart Campaign Success