@TPH, we make the complicated simple. We simplify the pitch, approval and intake processes required by retailers.

Tell us if this sounds familiar… You have a new product that you want sell into a warehouse club or big box retailer. You have been trying for months to get a meeting to pitch your product and you just received confirmation of a meeting date with the buyer.

You know you have one chance to make a favorable impression and your meeting can go one of two ways:

  1. You prepare your presentation on your product, talk about the brand, target markets, position vs. competitive products, packaging, pricing, etc. The Buyer says they are interested, hands you a copy of the retailer’s guidelines and instructs you to come back with an all-in delivered cost. You leave the meeting excited at their interest and willingness to meet with you again. You get back to your office, open the guide and immediately feel overwhelmed, but you don’t know where to go for help or how to complete the “next steps” needed to close the deal. Or…
  2. You prepare your presentation around what the buyer needs to see and hear, have all the images, data and additional questions to make it easy for the buyer to say yes and issue an order. Your pitch is organized around images of your products rendered in a guideline compliant display, the costs are calculated as requested, you know what your ROI will be based on a series of possible selling prices, and you have questions that show you understand what the Buyer’s decision process requires to move beyond the evaluation stage of the relationship. The Buyer doesn’t need you to “come back.” In your first meeting you’re able to provide all the data and imagery needed for them to make their order decision.

We Work Differently

@TPH, we focus on your timeline, not ours.

Have you experienced voice mail or email black holes where you have no idea if your messages or inquiries were received? We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. You will find our approach to communication, problem solving, project management and making it easy for you to get the answers you need entirely unique. We urgently acknowledge every email and message with either an answer or a time frame of when you can expect a reply.

In addition, we are not just interested in making our products. We consider the entire supply chain from manufacturing location to store. We work directly with our clients’ manufacturing partners around the globe. We will incorporate our assessment of the manufacturing, logistics, distribution and handling aspects of a program in our solutions.

TPH will actively manage or engage with the entire program from pitch to production to delivery to the store and assist in keeping the program on track and on time, every time.

@TPH, we do not have salespeople.

You will work directly with our team of experts who can provide answers and details in real time or for that meeting that pops up on your calendar that you are not prepared for! Everyone working on your program has expertise in the retailer’s requirements and how best to maximize your opportunities for success.

Client-Centered Solutions

@TPH, our solutions are centered around the clients’ needs, not our equipment or factory locations. 

Our name tells you we work with clients around the globe. To service the diverse locations and services required by our clients, we have developed a global network of manufacturing partners to provide extensive coverage and capabilities to handle nearly all client demands. So, when we quote on a program, we will deploy the most efficient supply chain for our products and services that will meet our clients’ needs. We strive to eliminate wasteful logistics expenses to improve profitability wherever possible.

@TPH, we share lessons learned and best practices to help our clients achieve their goals.

As a result of our many engagements with our clients, we have acquired a deep understanding of the retailer Buyers, what they need to make a buying decision, and focused our attention and expertise to master the requirements of the major retailers (Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kroger and more). Not only will you receive a solution that is fully compliant with your retail target, we will share the best practices and help you prepare to have a very productive Buyer meeting with the goal of getting a commitment at the first meeting.

@TPH, we often are asked to lead our clients’ teams to drive the program successfully across the finish line.

For larger clients, we are tasked with serving as the lead project manager to coordinate the client’s personnel, factories, logistics, and warehouses to make sure their programs are on track and on time. We actively advocate for multi-function, multi-location meetings to bring all the decision makers together to ensure that issues are dealt with in real time.  We enjoy pulling our chair up to the table, rolling up our sleeves, and working toward a common goal – ensuring the order’s successful arrival at the stores, without issues and achieving optimal sell-through.

Partner with TPH for Retail Success Made Easy

Since 1965, TPH has helped clients like you win orders, manage manufacturer and supply chain challenges, and drive increased sales. We simplify the entire retail display process for you, from pitch to profits.

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