Your Retail Buyer Meeting: A Blueprint for a Good Night’s Sleep

  • Do you have a meeting scheduled with a buyer?
  • Are you anxious and unclear how to prepare?

At TPH Global Solutions®, we pave the way for our clients’ retail success through every stage of the process, from pitch to production including supply chain support. Prepping our clients for their buyer meetings, however, is probably one of the most important things we do for our clients.

TPH Global Solutions will guide you through the process, and prepare you with the designs, images, and data as well as the answers to questions you can expect in the meeting.

With six decades of experience managing the most complex big box retail campaigns for the most demanding retailers, our expertise in managing buyer relationships is unmatched.

Expertise that Takes the Stress Out of Your Retail Buyer Meetings

Our clients walk into these meetings fully prepared; it’s like taking a test knowing all the answers. Not to mention – confident in their readiness to close the deal.

Learn what you need to know and how to prepare the presentation that will make the case for you and your campaign as a reliable, well-prepared and profitable undertaking. Learn what the buyer wants to hear and see and avoid the common pitfalls.

Ready to ace your buyer meeting? Reach out today to get started.

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