If you took a walk through our offices here at TPH, you’d almost certainly come away thinking that we specialize in creating original, eye-catching multi-material packaging and retail POP displays for a broad array of products. And we do.

That said, our clients would tell you a different story. It’s not that they don’t appreciate what we make. It’s just that to them, the value we add and stress we relieve for brand managers is what makes the difference.

Visual Attraction Is Not Enough

Our displays are often the backbone of a product launch or a major campaign and visual appeal is a big part of what makes the campaign effective. What you don’t see is how many things go into that moment when the first customers stop in their tracks to learn more about our client’s perfectly displayed product.

There are budgets to be managed, engineering and design hurdles to overcome, retail relationships to be finessed, shipping, handling and assembly requirements to be met and supply chain hiccups to be smoothed over. At TPH Global, our clients know that our real specialty is service. Our expertise comes into play long before and well after we’ve designed a beautiful display.

The Right Retail Display Solution at the Right Price

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a major new product launch for a pet food producer.

The client thought they would need a permanent display to accommodate their heavy, bulky product. We knew that a permanent floor display design would cost far more than the client budgeted to spend for a product with a 3-4 month campaign. However the usual temporary corrugated display would not be strong enough to hold 50 pounds of product per shelf, as required.

We listened carefully to what the client was trying to achieve. We designed a structurally stronger corrugated display, reinforced with metal supports and designed to withstand the retail environment, as well as to hold up at retail completely filled with product. We met the client’s budget and delivery objectives for a visually and structurally impactful display.

What Our Client Had to Say

According to the pet food producer, the result was their “most successful product launch in recent years,” and the display helped “solidify many new placements.”

Our client added: “TPH built a display that exceeded our expectations which lasted beyond the initial launch at retail, yet can be refilled and was a much more cost effective solution than the permanent display we had been using previously.”

And yes, it looked good too. How can we help you ensure that your next product launch is a success?

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