A well-designed permanent display is a tremendous asset for any brand, but it is no simple undertaking.

After all, delivering a permanent display program on time and budget is very challenging. It requires forward thinking design and the expertise to make it easy to install in-store. It must be durable to withstand the rigors of transportation, set-up and long-term shop-ability, simple enough to enable easy and intuitive installation and adaptable enough to handle multiple SKUs.

It must meet strict retailer requirements and, of course, it has to stay looking great over a lifespan that can be two+ years – all at a cost that makes sense.

Fortunately, it’s the kind of challenge the TPH Global Solutions® team thrives on. With decades of experience with innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, our team has perfected the art of the trouble-free permanent display.

Uh-Oh: When Permanent Display Projects Go Wrong

We’ve also seen a little bit of everything when it comes to the way things can go wrong when permanent display projects are poorly planned, poorly designed, or poorly executed. We’ve rescued more than our share of projects that went off the rails and failed to meet expectations and profit projections.

We’ve worked on airport kiosk displays that required complex assembly in a federally secured area as well as inline fixturing for a multi-SKU aquarium brand that had the retailer buyer and brand manager scratching their heads on how to organize a 196-SKU planogram. It takes more than a little patience and expertise to get such projects to market.

Fortunately, there are safeguards for ensuring that your permanent display project goes smoothly from the start.

Step 1: Align Your Plans with Retailer Expectations

It starts with a good plan and a thorough knowledge of retailer requirements and expectations.

Customized permanent displays are an investment in your brand and your relationship with the retailer. A well-designed permanent display can elevate your position with a retailer and elevate your brand, but it’s critical to ensure that your design is aligned with the needs of the retailer for everything from sustainability to ease of set up and flexible design options for seasonal, promotional or product change switch-ups.

Step 2: Maintain Scrupulous Oversight at Every Step

Taking nothing for granted. Retail campaigns have many moving parts and diligent oversight prevents headaches down the road. From careful supply chain management to meticulous testing to ensure your displays can handle the rigors of transportation, the proverbial ounce of prevention here pays off in tons, not pounds.

Even small obstacles can wreak havoc with deadlines in this environment and deadlines are make or break components of your retailer relationships.

Step 3: Find a Retail Display Partner with the Right Experience & Approach

An experienced retail display and packaging partner can be the difference between permanent display success and permanent display headaches. At TPH, we have decades of experience managing retail campaigns and we don’t take chances with the details.

From custom design and testing to assembly and co-packing, to supply chain management and logistic support, we can streamline production of your customized permanent displays for grocery, hardware, sporting goods, electronics, apparel & footwear, liquor, and more.

Contact one of our retail display experts to learn more about the capabilities and processes that have made TPH Global Solutions the partner of choice for some of the world’s best-known brands.

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