Our approach to problem solving tends to be very hands on.

In one permanent display example, a manufacturer of travel bags wanted to expand its selling channels and sought high traffic locations with a “shop-in-shop” concept. They determined that airports and train stations around the country provided both the traffic and a customer demographic constantly in need of their products.


Our customer engaged a retail architectural design firm to create a branded retail environment comprised of five unique display fixtures. From the outset of their new “shop-in-shop” program, many issues arose that threatened to derail the entire strategy. After initially selecting a competitor to produce the first round of fixtures, the company turned to TPH Global® to get the program back on track.

We immediately identified numerous design issues:

  • Parts not identified for efficient shipping and handling resulted in extraordinary damage and shipping costs
  • Parts not labeled or identified properly on assembly instructions
  • Assembly required 3-4 professional installers per display due to the size and weight of the components
  • Each unit took more than an hour to assemble

After a thoughtful review of the issues and root causes, we quickly re-engineered the fixtures to simplify how the fixtures were delivered and assembled resulting in a more than 40% reduction in transportation costs and virtually no shipping damage which has allowed the team to focus on their brand and other selling opportunities around the country. Along the way, we had to resolve some very challenging supply chain and onsite implementation issues – involving a few all-nighters, and at least one IV bag (a story for another blog!).

Highlights of the supply chain and other issues we resolved:

  • Re-engineered displays and packaging resulting in reduced damage rates from 6% to zero
  • New packing configurations along with heavy duty component protection resulted in a 40% reduction in freight and handling expense
  • Simplified installation processes and clear assembly instructions ensured smooth and accurate installations
  • Quick turn-around for all information requests, new designs, pricing and follow-up

Helping Customers Capitalize on New Selling Locations

Each of the airport installations required a unique set of retrofits in order to gain approval. Rather than create new displays for each location, we were able to retrofit our standard fixtures with security features and unique materials to capitalize on the opportunity each high-traffic location provided.

Retrofitting existing display fixtures comes with a new set of risks. To minimize any disruption to the installation timelines, we sent our team to be on-hand during installation. Our team collaborated with our customer’s sub-contractors and was able to jump in and resolve issues on the spot.

To date, our fixtures have been installed at:

  • Mall of America
  • Charlotte NC Airport
  • Penn Station NYC
  • BWI Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport – Coming Soon!
  • More than 100 independent retailers across the U.S.

There are few things in business as gratifying as when a customer calls with what seems to be an insurmountable problem that we can solve and help them capitalize on a great opportunity to increase their sales. That is what we were able to do and continue to do for all of our customers.

What Can We Do for You?

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