One way to accelerate sales for a new product launch is by creating sales kits and getting them in the hands of your sales reps, channel partners and prospects.

When designed well, sales kits can be a powerful tactile and visual embodiment of your brand, product and impact – such as the Proctor & Gamble sales kit below. This sales kit made out of corrugated recreated the aisle of a drugstore. Samples of the new products were placed in the kit. Sales kits can take any form, and often include corrugated, chipboard, plastic, and fabric bags.

3-Pronged Approach

When Celebrex was launched, we created “patient experience kits” that were designed for Pfizer pharmaceutical sales reps to introduce the drug to physicians.

We then created a pill sample kit that included space for the product with marketing collateral and all the necessary disclaimers. Everything was framed in a chipboard tray that was printed with copywriting and had spots for the pills and literature. We also created counter displays with literature for doctors’ offices, taking advantage of our patented easel design made from folding cartons.

Pharmaceutical Brochure Counter Displays

Celebrex, Ambien & Sleep Well! Pharmaceutical Brochure Displays

Finally, we designed anti-fatigue mats (printed with die sublimation) and counter mats with Pfizer branding to give to pharmacists as promotional items.

While we certainly can’t take credit for the enormous popularity of Celebrex, everything we did made it easier for their sales reps to spread the word to doctors, pharmacists and patients.

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