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Sales Kits

What's a good way to launch new products and reduce sales cycle time for both new and existing products?

Sales Kits | Consumer Packaged Goods

Custom sales kits allow you to get your message across visually and almost always make a far greater impact than printed marketing collateral.

What Is a Sales Kit?

Sales kits are used by reps to introduce a new product to their customers or as a sales tool during a presentation. They can serve as leave behinds for purchasing agents and marketing people, and are often used in educational publishing (including tote boxes), medical, hardware, and other consumer packaged goods (CPGs).

New to Sales Kits?

Over the last 50 years, we've created hundreds of sales kits, from publishers to CPGs. We know how to translate your sales and marketing strategy into a compelling presentation and leave behind for your sales team.

More than Just Design

In addition to designing your custom sales kit, we often work alongside your product suppliers to manage the structural design, project management and supplier network. This saves our clients a lot of time and headache.

We're very good at working with multiple materials, from corrugated to foam to velcro, and we also offer co-packing services.

Sales Kit Clients

A partial list:
  • AO Safety: prescription safety eyewear
  • Diamond Brands: plastic cutlery
  • Jarden Home Brands: Ball plasticware
  • Kaplan: SpellRead educational program
  • Mrs. Dash: salad dressing
  • Pearson: educational publishing
  • Panduit: electronics
  • Pfizer: Celebrex prescription drug
  • Sanofi Aventis: Ambien prescription drug
  • Sara Lee: demo kit

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Sales Kit: Kitchenware for Ball

Sales Kit for Ball

Sales Kit: Educational Publishing for Pearson
Educational Publishing

Sales Kit for Pearson SpellRead

Sales Kit: Holiday for Bridgeview Bank

Holiday Sales Kit for Bridgeview Bank

Sales Kit: Educational Publishing for SRA
Educational Publishing

Sales Kit for SRA

Sales Kit: Kitchenware for Diamon

Sales Kit for Diamond

Sales Kit: Educational Publishing
Educational Publishing

Sales Kit

Sales Kit: Director's Box

Sales Kit

Sales Kit: Educational Publishing for Pearson Biology
Educational Publishing

Sales Kit for Pearson (Miller & Levine Biology)

Sales Kit: Eyeware for AOSafety

Sales Kit for AOSafety

Sales Kit: Educational Publishing for McDougal Littel
Educational Publishing

Sales Kit for McDougal Littell

Retail POP Display: Temporary Pallet Footwear

Temporary, pallet floor display

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