Big name health supplement and vitamin brands may have big-budget retail POP displays, but there’s no reason smaller brands targeting pharmacies and specialty stores can’t have high-quality, sales-generating displays as well. That’s where TPH Global comes in.

We have the expertise to create a display that stops consumers in their tracks, without the supply chain nightmares that can derail a supplement or vitamin brand’s path through the retail display process.

Eye-Catching Displays Are Not Enough

While a retail POP display needs to look great and create consumer engagement, brand managers need a partner who has expertise in the health supplement and vitamin industry, knows the requirements of CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and other retailers where health products are sold, and can help determine the right kind of display from some of these options:

At TPH Global Solutions®, we do more than just design displays; we design solutions.
Our clients rely on us for displays that work, meeting the needs of customers and retailers – without breaking the budget. With an extensive domestic
and global network, we ensure that your displays can be produced cost-effectively, even in small quantities.

Health Supplement Display Example

One of our health supplement clients needed an existing floor display redesigned for a specialty retailer so that a single design could work for multiple products, with a bit of easy-to-add customization for retailer employees setting it up.

We created a design that used identical trays and a traditional die cut, offset-printed base that could be customized for different supplements with the addition of a digitally-printed header that contained the specific product information. It was good design, with the flexibility of being able to be re-purposed for multiple products.

The retailer got a display that could be set up in two minutes. Our client was able to get the retail footprint they wanted, at a price that made sense for displays of between 100 and 500 small bottles. Within a year, our client had migrated four different product lines to the same display and came back to TPH for additional countertop displays. Our turn-around time from design to delivery exceeded our customers expectations.

Your Health Supplement Display Partner

At TPH Global, we have 50 years of experience providing retail display solutions for a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of settings, from pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid to big box stores, to small specialty retailers.

Our expertise makes us the ideal partner for campaigns where tight margins, difficult retailer requirements, a complicated global supply chain –
or all three – create challenging conditions. We offer unparalleled expertise, rapid turn-around time and solutions that go straight to your bottom
line. What can we do for you?

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