Among the most troubling aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic are the recurring shortages of personal protective equipment for frontline responders, a concern that continues to worry health officials as cases begin to surge again.

It’s an ongoing challenge that has health officials recommending conservation strategies and struggling to manage what is expected to be a continuing gap between demand and supply.

From the earliest reports of shortages, we knew we had a role to play in filling this gap. Over the past several months, our launch of a collaborative effort to manufacture plastic face shields and use our supply chain expertise to build a pipeline of disposable masks has allowed us to provide hospitals across the country with these critical tools for bringing the pandemic under control. That includes medical teams at veteran’s hospitals across the country, some of which have been hit hard by the virus.

While many elements of the pandemic have been unpredictable, the need for a reliable source of high-quality protective equipment for the doctors and nurses treating it is a certainty, and we will continue our efforts to keep these critical products going out to our customers.

Our work with the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs has included shipments of more than 14,400 face shields and 196,000 masks to hospitals and group homes in places like West Virginia and hard-hit Southern California.

PPE on the Front Lines of Hospitals and More

While simple in design, our FDA-registered face masks and face shields are an important source of protection for nurses, doctors and other frontline medical staff, in addition to dentists, salon workers and others returning to work.

We have also provided donations of face masks and face shields to the local chapter of Jewish Child & Family Services to help protect Chicago-area essential workers and their patients. And we will continue to do so.

To learn more about these products, or to arrange a supply for your facility or business, give us a call or click on the link below.

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