When your company’s reputation is built on upholding the standards of the world’s most recognizable brands, why would you partner with just any retail
POP display and packaging company?

Maybe your factory can supply low-cost packaging and displays, but what if you could partner instead with a brand merchandising company that holds itself
to the same standards your licensors expect of you?

What if you could partner with a company with the expertise and commitment to see your
campaign through from start to finish—even when “start” is in multiple locations on the other side of the world and “finish” is the most demanding
retail environment on the planet? Because a whole lot can happen in between…

At TPH Global Solutions®, we make sure your products are delivered the way they’re supposed to be: on time, on budget and in sync with brand and retailer
specifications. It’s as much about providing solutions as it is about creating packaging and displays. Here are two examples from one of our licensee

Example Case 1: Last-Minute Displays, On Time & Within Budget

A New York licensee of brands that include popular movie and cartoon-themed products needed domestically sourced PDQ displays for backpacks to ship within three weeks to Meijer. They couldn’t find anyone else who could do it. These are the situations in which we shine, so
we happily took the project.

The licensee’s initial POP display structure was workable but would have been costly to produce, so we reworked it and redesigned the 4-color litho so
it could be printed on a much less expensive 40″ press instead of on a larger format press.  Their warehouse is on the West Coast, so we tapped
into our global partner network and had it manufactured on the West Coast near their facility to reduce shipping and handling time.

Despite the short time frame and redesign, the displays were packed and shipped to Meijer on time and within budget.

Example Case 2: Multi-SKU, Multi-Factory & Multi-Solution Logistics

Our licensee then came to us to create and source 160 back-to-school pallet displays for Meijer, featuring a multitude of products – including backpacks, hats, lanyards, buttons, pins, and patches – manufactured in separate factories
across China. The products had to be shipped to the West Coast in fully-packed and assembled displays. 

But first, there were multi-language, multi-time zone, multi-location and multi-SKU solutions to provide:

  • Managing last-minute retailer change requests – from a full pallet display to a half pallet to an end cap
  • Creating a display that would require nothing from Meijer’s staff beyond taking it out of the box and attaching the header
  • Arranging the use of a central location to pack the display with products sourced from multiple factories in China
  • Consolidating shipping from 2-3 containers to one, saving at least $2,500

Naturally, it all had to be done on a compressed schedule—and it was on time and within budget.

What Keeps You up at Night?

Anybody can build you a display. At TPH Global, we deliver packaging and retail display solutions. We create compelling multi-product displays that meet
retailer criteria, arrive on time and do not require rework, regardless of challenges like multiple-location sourcing, global supply chain complications
or last-minute change requests from retailers. We might even save you some money in the process.

Give your packaging and retail display problems to us and sleep well for a change.

Contact us to learn more about retail POP display for licensed products